Show Support Induction

Show Support Induction

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Question 1

If you witness an incident whilst working at a job what should you do? *

Panic , Tell the closest personReport it to your team leader or shift managerIgnore it

Question 2

If you see a fire what would you do? *

Call SecurityPour a bucket of water over itIf skilled, put it out and report it to your Crew Chief otherwise report it to the onsite contact or venue securityLeave it for someone else to look after

Question 3

What is good practice to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries? *

Reduce bending, twisting and/or reaching movementsIncrease load to get the job done quickerHold object far away from your bodyAll of the above

Question 4

What type of Personal Protection Equipment should you use if you were working in the set/out crew? *

Steel capped shoesGlovesHi-Vis VestAll of the above

Question 5

If you feel you are a victim of bullying, what should you do? *

Don’t say anythingTell your MumCall 000Discuss with your Crew Chief or contact SHS Office

Question 6

When you hear the evacuation alarm you must...

Stop to get your belongingsCall your supervisorAwait further instructionEvacuate immediately to the emergency assembly location

Question 7

Who is the first person to inform if you have an incident or identify a hazard even if no-one is injured?

Your Crew ChiefThe directorFirst aiderAnyone

Question 8

If you are injured at work, no matter how insignificant it is, you must...

Go homeReport it to your supervisorGo to the hospitalTell your family

Question 9

Slips, trips and falls contribute to 50% of all accidents. What measures can be taken to reduce the risk of injury?

Keeping all equipment onsite clean and well maintainedEnsuring walkways remain unobstructedReporting any slip, trip or fall hazardsAll of the above

Question 10

What are the key health and safety objectives of Show Support?

To maintain a safe and healthy workplace for everyoneTo make sure that all crew members work according to Safe Work MethodsTo make sure that everyone completes this inductionAll of the above

Question 11

When the emergency siren is activated contractors must:

Stop all workSwitch of all equipmentProceed to emergency assembly areasAll of the above

Question 12

Personal Protective Equipment includes:

RespiratorsSafety glassesGlovesHearing ProtectionAll of the above

Question 13

You must clean up your work areas as you proceed.


Question 14

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas?


Question 15

Which of the following is NOT acceptable for crew onsite at job, choose all that apply

Being LateNot wearing Steel Capped boots or ShoesTalking on a mobile phoneBeing under the influence of drugs or AlcoholAll of above

Question 16

If you are running late or cannot make a shift you are booked on, what should you do?

Do nothingSend an SMSCall the SHS office to explain why so, the client can be informed or a replacement arranged

Question 17

What should you do if you notice the equipment you are using is faulty?

Try to repair it yourselfLeave it and try again laterReport it to a crew chief, supervisor, employer or Client immediately.Try using it a different way to see if it works better.

Question 18

Who should administer first aid if there is an incident in the workplace?

Anyone, it’s an emergencyYour employerA qualified First AiderYou if you have a first aid handbook

Question 19

Which of the following would be considered a hazard in the workplace?

TirednessLoud MachineryA split drink on the floorBad lightingAll of the above

Question 20

Who is responsible for Health and Safety in the workplace

My employerManager/SupervisorEmployeesWHS RepresentativesAll of the above